International Free Women Foundation

different faces
different languages
different voices
different colors
different thoughts
different realities
common hopes

Even though we have different faces, languages, voices, colors, thoughts, realities, we are all women.. No matter what part of the world we are from, we have common hopes, common struggles, and common dreams. To strengthen his partnership, to grow and improve it, and to transfer these hopes to the future is the most beautiful responsibility of being a women and a human being. In order to pursue that goal, we, as Kurdish and European women, have established the International Free Women Foundation on March 9th, 2001 in Amsterdam.

Aims and Principles:

  • To encourage and deepen global solidarity and discussion among women
  • To guarantee increased agency of women to formulate their own unique identity in all areas of society
  • To fight for the elimination of discrimination against gender, language, religion, nationality, class, and all forms of discrimination
  • To promote and improve women’s activism for social justice, peace and the environment
  • To support women and children who are victims of sexist policies, war and violence, in a material and compassionate sense
  • To support and accomplish research projects and educational activities related to women, society and the environment
  • To create opportunities for the free development of women and children, to raise their consciousness and to support projects that are aimed at articulating their own identity
  • To educate ourselves as women in social, economic, political, scientific, artistic etc. ways, to take place in every area of life, to attain a self-determined life, and to create material and moral support for women

These are some of our Projects based on these objectives:

  • Operating in Turkey, the Initiative for the Development of Women´s Position (KATAGI) aims to present women´s different colors and powers, and strives to reflect their potential in all areas of social life, and was supported by our foundation in the frame of the NCDO´s 2002/03 Matra Programme.

  • On September 24-25th, 2003, we held the international “War, Violence and Migration” Conference in Amsterdam. Representative women from countries such as Afghanistan, Algeria, Kurdistan, Yugoslavia, India, Philippines, Iraq, Turkey and the Netherlands participated in the conference.
  • We have worked for the free education and development of women and children. We organized summer meetings in the Netherlands between 2001 and 2005. Women and children from different countries of Europe taught each other, learned, created, and had fun together.

  • We have supported the foundation of the Maxmur Women´s Center, located in a refugee camp in Maxmur, Iraq and further promoted their creation of a kindergarten and several projects for women in the workshop.

  • In 2004, the International Free Women´s Foundation started the “Women need their own spheres to realize their dreams…” campaign. As a result of the campaign, the Women´s meeting Centre UTAMARA was opened in 2006. Women, young women and children continue to meet at the center.

  • Our Foundation helped conduct the “Psychological Consequences of Trauma Experiences on the Development of Migrated Kurdish Women in the Europe Union” research program. The project was realized in association with the Utrecht University Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, the Kurdistan Information Office Paris and several Kurdish Women´s associations. The questionnaire has reached a total of 568 women in Germany, France, Sweden, Britain and the Netherlands, as well as 558 forcibly displaced Kurdish women still living in Turkey. The project was funded by the European Commission Daphne Program and Foundation CIBO.

  • We are a founding member of EFI, the European Feminist Initiative.

  • We organize panel discussions and conferences on the occasions of March 8th and November 25th.
  • Our foundation initiated an international conference about women and violence in the European Parliament in Brussels on December 8th, 2009.
  • A petition campaign with the slogan “End feminicide – Stop stoning, stop execution” was created in the years 2009-2010 and 2011. International conferences in Paris, London, Stockholm and Utrecht were organized.

  • Since February 2012, our foundation supports the Diyarbakir Migration and Humanitarian Assistance Foundation´s “Children Affected by Migration Education Support” project.

International Free Women Foundation (IFWF)
Internationale Vrije Vrouwen Stichting (IVVS)
Weqfa Jinên Azad a Navnetewî
Tel: 0031 (0) 10 237 88 29

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